How to get to Taormina from Catania airport

  • The Catania airport Vincenzo Bellini is the most convenient airport for anyone who wants to reach Taormina (65km away). The airport Fontana Rossa is the sixth airport in Italy for passenger traffic, and the first of the South Italy. The airport bears a remarkable domestic traffic as well as several medium-range connections with major European destinations and, lately, even outside Europe.
  • You can get to Taormina from Catania airport by bus. There is a direct bus service between Catania airport and Taormina provided by the Etna Trasporti bus company. It takes about one hour and a half costs euro 8,20 each way.
  • You can alternatively rent a car, you can reach Taormina from Catania airport by car in one hour drive by  direct highway A18 (direction Messina, exit Taormina).
  • Finally, you could get to Taormina by a taxi (from 80€). It is the fastest and easiest way to reach Taormina. The taxi takes about one hour.


Hotel Booking until 4th October 2018

Hotel Imperiale  starstarstarstarstar(Tax stay: 2,50€)  

Myths of classic Greece, the Sicilian sea, Saracen and Norman echoes reflecting on the snowy slopes of Mount Etna. Day after day, the silence, colours, light and the aromas of Taormina relate infinite pages of stories, legends and traditions. An exploration of trees and sunsets, starry nights, timeless moments in the exclusive setting of the Hotel Imperiale.

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Hotel Villa Diodoro  starstarstarstar(Tax stay: 2,00€)  

The Hotel Villa Diodoro, is a place for those that enjoy the best in life. Open all-year round, and located just a just a few steps from the idyllic town of Taormina, the hotel boasts a pool area which looks out over Mount Etna and the bay of Naxos. The hotel Villa Diodoro retains, to this day, its historic roots as a place of elegance and exclusivity, where the simple pleasures are transformed into unforgettable experiences.

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Hotel Monte Tauro  starstarstarstar(Tax stay: 2,00€)  

Built according to a futuristic plan in the 1970s, following extensive restoration work this building still retains its sophisticated modern character. Its new design and the use of exclusive materials have given it a new image: exotic wood for the floors of rooms and terraces, diffuse illumination designed following ecological principles, special plaster that gives a silk effect for walls and ceilings.

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Hotel Isabella  starstarstar(Tax stay: 1,50€)  

The Hotel Isabella is an elegant, hidden away hotel in the heart of Taormina. It is located on Corso Umberto, the stylish and chic main street, just a few steps away from the Greek-Roman Theatre and the ancient Sicilian monuments of the town.

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Vello D'Oro  starstarstar(Tax stay: 1,50€)  

Jason and the Golden Fleece La Toison d'Or , the most representative myth of travelling. The ship Argo and the Argonauts are the starting point for the hotel's name, that hosts travellers from all over the world, like a classic ''Greek ship'' which indicates people of different origins coming together. Jason searches for the golden fleece and, after having found it, he kills the dragon and takes the fleece away, starting a neverending travel from the Middle East to Southern Italy.

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