Important Dates
  • New Abstract Submission Deadline: 6th August 2018
  • Abstract Acceptance Notification: 20th August 2018

  • Presenters' Registration Deadline: 12th Septemper 2018
        (Please Note: All presenters must register and complete payment in advance.)

  • Manuscript Submission Deadline 21st September 2018

    Important Information
    All authors selected to present an Oral or Poster may submit a manuscript, which will beconsidered, for publication in Pediatric Surgery International.

    General Guidelines and Rules for Abstract Submission
    • Fill the template accordingly
    • Please send abstracts (by e-mail) to Professor PremPuri, Dublin at the following email address: prem.puri@ncrc.ie.
    • There are two prizes (€1,500 each) for the best paper presented at the Prize Session; Prem Puri Basic Science Research Prize and Michael Höllwarth Clinical Research Prize. Abstracts to be considered for the Prize session must be appropriately checked in the official abstract form.
    • Authors whose abstracts are accepted for presentation (Oral & Poster) will be expected to attend the meeting and make their presentations. Notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts will be emailed by 20th August 2018. Please kindly note that all poster and oral presenters who are included in the scientific programme can submit a manuscript for consideration in the Congress edition of Pediatric Surgery International.
    Abstract Preparation
    • Eligibility: Abstracts submitted should be related to clinical and basic science research. They must include data with clear descriptions of results and conclusions.
    • Identifying Features: The selection process will be blinded for author and center and an objective system will be used for marking. The names of authors and their affiliations (institutions) will be included online when you submit your abstract, but will be removed before the marking process. No identifying features such as the

    • names of authors, hospitals, medical schools, clinics or cities should be listed in the title or the text of the abstract. Abstracts containing such information will not be accepted.

    • Abstracts should be structured in four parts:
      - Aim of the Study
      - Methods
      - Main Results
      - Conclusions

    • Each abstract should be no more than 250 words. Including tables, figures and graphs, the abstract should not exceed the template, which covers one page of A4. A maximum of two tables, figures or graphs will be accepted.
    Presentation Preference
    • From the abstract template, please choose your preferred presentation style.
      One can choose:
    Manuscript submission for publication in Pediatric Surgery International
    • All authors selected to present an Oral or Poster may submit a manuscript for consideration for publication in Pediatric Surgery International. Manuscripts (which should be prepared in the style used in Pediatric Surgery International) must be received no later than 21st September 2018 by Professor PremPuri, Secretary of the Scientific Committee for evaluation at the following email address: prem.puri@ncrc.ie.

    • Instruction for Authors can be found on the Journal Website.
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